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Salt Lake City Modifications Attorney

Post-Divorce Modifications: Keeping Pace with Your Family in Salt Lake City, Utah

When and why to modify your divorce papers

As a rule of thumb, you can expect to go to court about once every three years to modify some element of your divorce decree. As financial situations improve or worsen, living arrangements change and children age, the provisions regarding custody and support can become outdated. From time to time, it may also be necessary to file a motion to enforce certain provisions of your decree.

At the Law Office of Mel A. Cook, I have dealt with a large number of divorce modifications. I can help you change your decree quickly and cost-effectively, so you can get back to your life.

What are some common reasons for modification in Utah?

The modification I see most frequently is to child support. Perhaps one parent received a promotion and salary increase or was laid off and had to take a lower-paying job. Perhaps a parent started or closed a business. Or perhaps the cost of a child’s school and nonschool activities has significantly increased.

Other times, I see parents modify their divorce decree for nonfinancial reasons. A parent may want more or less time with the children, for various reasons. A child may turn 18 or be legally emancipated. Or one parent may need to take an out-of-state job.

What are some enforcement actions we can take?

Even in a perfect world, court orders are sometimes overlooked or ignored. If a party falls behind on support or alimony payments or fails to follow the proper visitation procedure, I can file a motion to enforce the orders. The judge will give the offending party an opportunity to present a defense and then issue any appropriate orders. In extreme cases, I can even ask for a writ of habeas corpus to help us decide the matter then and there.

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Modification and enforcement actions are part and parcel of many divorces. Contact the Law Office of Mel A. Cook at 801-746-5075 or online to schedule your free consultation with a Salt Lake City Divorce Modification Lawyer. Hablo Español.

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When it comes the family law and social security disability , each client and case is different. It is also important to select an attorney with the experience, skills and professionalism required to address your legal issues. To learn more, contact the Salt Lake City law offices of Melvin A. Cook and schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.

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