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Salt Lake City Father’s Rights Attorney

When it comes to divorce, many fathers across Utah believe the odds are stacked against them–particularly in cases involving custody and child time sharing. But the truth is the court makes its determination based on what is in the best interest of the child. That is why it is crucial to seek representation from an attorney with a track record of protecting the rights of fathers. My name is Melvin A. Cook and I am a father’s rights attorney in Salt Lake City. Over the years, I have successfully represented men in a variety of family law disputes, including divorcevisitation rights, child custody, alimony and child support. My legal team I and I utilize a vast arsenal of legal resources to protect your rights and to provide viable legal solutions.

Looking Out For the Best Interests of Salt Lake City Fathers

It happens all too often across Utah. Fathers are being denied their custody and visitation rights. It is important to understand father’s play an important role in the development of their children. I am committed to alway looking out for the best interests of each client. Here are some reasons why the rights of fathers need to be protected.

  • A father’s presence provides a dependable and stable family structure for the child.
  • Fathers play an active role in their child’s education, personal interests and friendships
  • Fathers provide dependable financial support.
  • Fathers provide a positive role model during the child’s development

There are many instances when children will need the support and care of their father’s. Yet in many family courts, the rights of fathers are being challenged. Having the right Salt Lake City father’s rights attorney can make a big difference between maintaining a good relationship with your or completely losing your privileges as a parent.


Up until recently, fathers had almost no voice in family law proceedings. The courts nearly always gave exclusive custody to the mother, sometimes with no questions asked. Although some of that bias may still exist, I have seen the playing become more level every year. Here are two examples:

  • Fraudulent adoption has received some media attention lately. Terry Achane is the father of a then-2-year-old girl. While he was deployed overseas, Terry’s wife moved to Utah and put their daughter up for adoption, all behind Terry’s back. After thousands of dollars in legal fees, and following the daughter’s painful separation from her “adoptive” parents, Terry was finally reunited with his daughter. The governor recently signed a bill designed to end fraudulent adoption cases, which had become all too common in Utah.
  • Paternity can be established when both parents sign a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity or when either parent requests genetic testing. Paternity gives you important rights and responsibilities regarding your child.

How a Salt Lake City Father’s Rights Attorney Can Help

From the time a client makes their initial visit for a consultation and all the way through trial, I will always be looking after your best interests. Because most divorce cases can get extremely emotional, it is important to make good decisions. I utilize a comprehensive and compassionate approach to also educate each client about their rights and to help guide them through the legal process. Should there be any major changes in your life that will affect your custody and visitation arrangements, I can also assist with helping clients achieve the right divorce modification that is compatible for you and your child.

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Divorce can sometimes get complicated. Among the most delicate and complex issues involve father’s rights. If your visitation and custody rights are being infringed by your former spouse, it is time to seek representation from divorce lawyer that can help. To learn more, contact the Law Office of Melvin A. Cook to schedule a consultation. Discover how a Salt Lake City father’s rights attorney can help. Call today.

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When it comes the family law and social security disability , each client and case is different. It is also important to select an attorney with the experience, skills and professionalism required to address your legal issues. To learn more, contact the Salt Lake City law offices of Melvin A. Cook and schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.

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