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Salt Lake City Visitation Rights Attorney

There is no greater bond than a parent and their child. Unfortunately, one of the tragedies of the divorce is the breakup of a family. Children often find themselves caught in the middle of family disputes. Among the most important and sensitive components of divorce is child custody and visitation. My name is Melvin A. Cook and I am a Salt Lake City visitation rights attorney. Over the years, I have served as a legal advocate for men and women to protect the rights to their children. Whether your former spouse has abused their visitation rights or is preventing you from seeing your child, it is important to have an experienced legal professional in your corner.

Visitation and Parenting Time in Salt Lake City

It is important for each parent to have a presence in the lives of their children. Whether you have joint custody or sole custody, Utah family law provides minimum requirements for child visitation. As your Salt Lake City visitation rights attorney, here is how I can help.

  • I will take the time evaluate your personal situation and family dynamics to help formulate a visitation plan that is in the best interests for you and your child.
  • Determine a suitable visitation schedule which allows clients to maintain contact with their children while complying with their work and travel schedule along with other parental duties.
  • If your former spouse fails to comply with visitation and parenting time arrangements, I can help file enforcement orders to ensure your parental rights are protected.
  • I can help petition the court for a visitation modification should there be any significant changes in your life that will affect your divorce decree.

How a Salt Lake City Visitation Rights Attorney Can Help

Divorce can get complicated, especially when children are involved. As your family law attorney,  I am committed to help protect your visitation rights. Salt Lake City is home to countless couples who need legal guidance to resolve their divorce issues. In addition to protecting the rights and interest of each client, I am also committed to help plan the best visitation arrangements in the best of your children. I utilize a personable and compassionate approach to place each client in the best position to succeed.

Because divorce can also get emotional, it is important for clients to make sound decisions. As a Salt Lake City visitation rights attorney, I utilize my knowledge, experience and legal resources to help clients navigate through the legal process to provide the best possible solutions.

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The selection of a divorce lawyer is an important decision.  The Law Office of Melvin A. Cook is committed to always placing the needs of each client first. From the moment a client arrives for their initial consultation and all the way through trial, I will always be in your corner. We understand going through a divorce is a difficult and stressful time in your life. To learn more on how a Salt Lake City visitation rights attorney can help, contact my office today and schedule a consultation.

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When it comes the family law and social security disability , each client and case is different. It is also important to select an attorney with the experience, skills and professionalism required to address your legal issues. To learn more, contact the Salt Lake City law offices of Melvin A. Cook and schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.

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