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Applying for Disability Benefits with No History of Treatment, you should look for the help of a Salt Lake City social security disability claims attorney.
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Applying for Disability Benefits with No History of Treatment – Salt Lake City, Utah

by Melvin Cook

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If you suffer from a disabling condition that leaves you unable to work, you may wonder how you are going to pay the next medical bill or household expense. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) offers disability benefits to those who they determine are financially and medically eligible to receive benefits.

Having an extensive medical treatment history ensures that your disability benefits application is more likely to be approved for benefits. Unfortunately, people who already struggle with finances and possibly don’t even have health insurance may not have been able to afford medical treatment throughout the duration of their disability. This results in a lack of treatment history and a weak disability application. Luckily, if you do not have a large medical treatment history, there are still options available to you.

Consultative Medical Exams

If your medical records are insufficient, the SSA will most likely request that you undergo a consultative medical exam. An independent doctor who is contracted by the SSA will perform this exam. They will take a look at your physical state as well as the details of your disability, impairments, and symptoms; compile the information into a comprehensive written report; and send these records to the SSA to include with your application materials.

Note that consultative medical exams are usually quite brief – even as short as five to ten minutes. You may feel that the doctor has not adequately performed a through exam, as is a common feeling among applicants. Either way, this information will likely help your case if you have no other treatment history or relevant medical records.

Attend a Free Clinic

Another option to add to your medical history for your disability is to go to a free clinic. This is a low-cost or free form of medical care. Although the medical care is not from your treating physician or specialist who is knowledgeable of your disability, going to a free clinic for medical care will show the SSA that your disability is serious and that you are seeking help for it.

Take Your Prescription Medications

It is important that if you were prescribed medication to treat your disabling condition, that you make every effort to obtain this medication and take it. Not taking your medication for your disability will reflect poorly on your application with the SSA. Research what federal- or state-level financial assistance is available to you in order to obtain the prescription medication you need.

Seek Help from an Attorney

You should be sure to seek the help of a disability benefits lawyer or advocate, who will make sure you gather any medical evidence you can for your application, as well as help you fill out your application in general. Your lawyer can also answer any questions you may have about the application process and give you advice on how to maximize your chance of a successful disability benefit application – even with the lack of medical treatment history for your disability.

Contact a Salt Lake City Attorney Committed to Protecting Your Rights

When it comes the family law and social security disability, each client and case is different. It is also important to select an attorney with the experience, skills and professionalism required to address your legal issues. To learn more, contact the Salt Lake City law offices of Melvin A. Cook and schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.

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