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Continuing to Follow Utah’s Medicaid Expansion Proposal

by Melvin Cook

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Last week, Utah Republican lawmakers unveiled their updated plan for Utah’s Medicaid Expansion.

After lawmakers rejected the governor’s initial proposal, Healthy Utah, they have now unveiled “UtahAccessPlus”, which some say is not much different from the earlier proposal.

It would rely on doctors, hospitals and clinics to pay for much of the cost to run the program, which is expected to cost more than $50 million.

The public had a chance to provide input today at 3:00 p.m.

Utah’s House Republican caucus will meet again next week on October 13, when a straw poll will be taken, and then declare the position they are taking.

Depending on that outcome, the governor could call a special session later this month, according to news reports.
(visited October 6, 2015).

Medicaid expansion would bring in hundreds of millions more dollars for health care for the poor and low income. The federal government would match Utah’s funding 9 to 1.

It is expected to bring easier access to more than 100,000 low income Utahn’s who lack insurance.

The Utah Medical Association has opposed a proposed tax on doctors, and groups representing other providers are likely to do the same, according to a report from

The Utah Hospital Association is the only provider group that has backed a tax. It will benefit from less uncompensated care.
(visited October 6, 2015).

The proposed tax on medical providers would be about 7 cents on each new dollar coming in through the expansion, expected to be about $450 million new dollars for Utah’s Medicaid system.

Under the UtahAccessPlus proposal, the state would come up with $25 million to fully fund the so-called “woodwork children”, or children from low-income families who have always qualified for Medicaid but have never been signed up by their parents, but who will likely come into the program if the Medicaid expansion is passed.
(visited October 6, 2015).

This information was gleaned from the above three sources.

We will be following what happens next week.

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