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Signs that You are Dating an Abuser

by Melvin Cook

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Perhaps your relationship started as a fairytale but now that the spark is long gone, your date’s abusive personality is starting to show up.  Although the red flags generally lead the way and display what to avoid in a relationship, some players are not that obvious at revealing their abusive instincts. You may have to dig deeper and see what’s going on beneath the surface. In other words, look for negative qualities that may indicate your lover is a potential abuser. Contact a Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney if you and your family are being exposed to an abusive environment.

Blaming others

Avoid dating people who blame others for anything wrong in their lives. It can be seductive at first as you will look like the superhero saving your date from everything but watch as your relationship grows. With time, he or she will start blaming you too, and will eventually justify all the retaliation. Simply avoid a blamer and you will not suffer the pain associated with their blame game.


Some people feel they deserve the world. If they are not praised, considered, or awarded, their world falls apart. Life is unfair and there are unavoidable situations. It’s just part of your journey. But resentful people will waste their energy dwelling on these unfair situations. When your date is caught up in his or her rights chances are you are no longer good for them. You will be blamed for everything and diminished. This is manipulative and abusive behavior you don’t need in your life.

The narcissist

Some potential abusers think they are better than others. When in doubt, take a look into important historical figures. This type of personality needs to feel better than others in order to find happiness. They generally point out how they are more talented, more sensitive, and smarter than others. These are the type of people you can’t disagree with or you may fear their wrath. Your needs are not important to them. All they think about is advancing their goals in life even when you are crushed in the process.

Too picky

It’s ok being picky but when a person makes a big deal out of everything, run for your life. This is the type of people that complain about everything. You will feel that everything you do right for them is not considered as they only focus on the negative. You will be overly criticized and feel like nothing in their eyes.


A jealous person feels uncomfortable when you talk about people of the opposite sex. A bit of jealousy is healthy but too much can grow into obsession and abusive behavior. The more your date thinks about your whereabouts the more he or she will imagine things that are not necessarily real. There is something called “psychosis” where the jealous partner won’t be able to tell what’s real and what’s not.

Don’t rush

Trust your instincts. If something feels off chances are something is off. If he or she values you as a person, there is no danger in a few shortcomings. But if you are pushed aside and ignored, your Romeo may not claim up the ladder of that balcony for you. If your relationship has gotten too far and you are already married and have kids, it’s never too late to protect your rights. With the help of a  Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney you will be able to start all over again!

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