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Interesting Divorce Case: A Lifestyle One Could Get Accustomed to

by Melvin Cook

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Former supermodel Christina Estrada testified in her divorce case in London’s high court yesterday.

She is seeking $262 million from her 13-year marriage to Dr. Walid Juffali, a Saudi billionaire.

Her demand included a $1.3 million a year clothing budget (with $53,000 for fur coats and $23,000 for shoes), a $73 million-dollar home that she found acceptable but that still needs $8.7 million worth of upgrades, $5.9 million for a country home, $454,000 for staff for the country home, $647,000 to rent a yacht for two weeks (plus $6,439 to tip the staff), $37,000 for Wimbledon tickets, $13,300 to attend Sir Elton John’s annual white tie ball, to name just a few.

When questioned by Dr. Juffali’s lawyers on whether some of the demands were excessive, she replied that this was the lifestyle she had become accustomed to. She argued that she was standing up for women’s rights and that no matter how luxurious her lifestyle sounded, it was a “hard life full of responsibilities.”

I think it is not necessarily a bad argument at all. All things are relative, and what is one person’s fantasy lifestyle may be another person’s idea of grueling hardship. At least, I guess so. Personally, I think I could get accustomed to half of that amount. But I might have tipped the yacht staff a little more.

According to the Telegraph the divorce was sparked by her husband’s decision in 2012 to marry a 25-year old Lebanese reporter, a marriage which was legal under Saudi law.


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