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Joint Custody and Child Support

by Melvin Cook

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Unfortunately, for some, marriages don’t work out. When that happens it’s emotional enough. But when there are children involved, emotions can run even higher, and in some cases become volatile. Both parents want to spend as much time with their children as possible but just can’t get along with each other. Not to mention they want to make sure their children are taken care of. For that reason, many families end up in seeking an attorney who specializes joint custody cases in Utah. It doesn’t have to be a bitter battle. As long as the children are taken care of and everyone is happy in the end, it is a positive notion.

What is Child Support?

Child support is an ongoing, periodic payment made by one parent to another to help financially care for the child or children. Child support payments generally come about when there is a divorce, separation, dissolution or annulment of marriage. The type of child support depends on the type of custody arrangement between the parents. Every situation is different, so every situation calls for a different arrangement. A joint custody attorney is usually present to make sure proceedings go as smoothly as possible.

What is Joint Custody?

There are several forms of joint custody. The most common type of joint custody is when both parents share physical custody of the child. They both share the daily responsibilities, but only one parent has legal custody of the child. When you talk about legal custody, you are talking about the important decisions a parent makes for the child – education, healthcare, religion, etc. Some joint custody arrangements have both parents sharing physical and legal custody of the child. Before your case ends up in front of a judge, try working out a custody deal between you and the other parent. Any joint custody attorney in Utah will tell you it can be less of a headache. Just make sure the best interest of the child is taken to heart.

Can Joint Custody and Child Support Work Together?

When one parent has sole custody of the child, the other parent is usually ordered by the court to pay child support to the parent with custody. Joint custody is treated differently in these cases. If both parents share custody, both parents are seen as having a financial obligation to the child. However, child support could still be ordered to be paid if one parent has a higher income annually than the other. The amount to be paid is determined by the gross annual income for both parents. Other factors come into play, however, like the age of the child; how many children are in the home and the age of the children. Other expenses to consider include daily expenses, education, and whether the child has any special needs.

Before taking your case to court, make sure to try to work through your differences. But if you do need someone to represent you in Utah with your joint custody case, make sure it’s Melvin. A Cook. He not only has your best interest in mind, but your child’s as well.


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