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Not Paying Child Support Can Land You in Jail? If you are late or refuse to pay child support then contact salt lake city child support attorney.
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Not Paying Child Support Can Land You in Jail

by Melvin Cook

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When a judge tells you to pay child support, it is considered an order by the court. Failing to do so is known as being in contempt of court. If you are late or refuse to pay child support, the other parent can ask for a hearing and request the judge hold you in contempt of court. You will receive a document ordering you to be at the hearing, and there you may explain why you have not made your payments. If you do not show up, a warrant for your arrest may be issued.

You may obtain — or already have — a child support attorney who will advise as to what you should do. Most likely your child support attorney would encourage you to obey the court and pay up. But if for some reason you fall behind on your payments, they will help you through your hearing.

Even if you show up at the hearing, a judge may still place you behind bars for not following through on a court order to pay child support in Salt Lake City. It is us to the judge’s discretion, depending on how sympathetic they are to your story.

To stay out of jail in Salt Lake City, your child support attorney may encourage you to prove to the judge you had a valid reason for missing payments, and that you are not as careless as you may seem. You want to show that you did not purposefully disobey the court’s order to pay child support.

First, you have to show why you didn’t pay. If you were laid off from your job, getting a sworn statement from your former employer may help your case. If you are looking for work, you need to show proof of interviews you’ve had and applications you’ve filled out. What the judge won’t tolerate as a valid reason is arguments with the custodial parent for not paying child support in Salt Lake City.

Next, you need to explain why you didn’t ask for a modification hearing once you realized you were no longer able to make payments.

If you didn’t have a child support attorney in Salt Lake City but tried to retain one in order to request a modification hearing, but you couldn’t afford the fees, bring the names and numbers of the attorneys you spoke with, along with the days and times you met with them. The judge may make a payment schedule for you so you can start to make payments again, but this time, adjusting it to what you can afford.

Child support cases in Salt Lake City are no fun. Kids are involved and the whole situation can be stressful and emotional. You want an attorney who can handle your case with compassion and conviction. If you need a child support attorney to represent you, call the Law Office of Melvin A. Cook. He has the experience to represent you in the most professional and empathetic manner possible.

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